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CINE RT SYSTEM PACKAGE "LOUEUR"/ "RENTAL HOUSE" (1 year limited warranty)

1xUltrasonic Base Sensor UBS-100

1x Handset Control Unit HCU-100

1xUltrasonic Transmitter Bug BUG-100

1x High Bright LED Display HBD-100

3x Cine RT Mounting Blocks (buyers choice)

1x USB Charging Cable

1x AC Wall Charging Unit

1x Spare antenna & 4 spare mounting block screws

1x Extra Ultrasonic Transmitter Bug BUG-100

1x Extra Mouting block

2x Power cables 2 pin LEMO Right Angle 36"

2x Power cables3 pin FISCHER Right Angle 36"

2x Power cables Anton Baueur P-Tap Right Angle 36"

2x Serial cable Preston MDR 3/4* (connector is a straight 4 pin LEMO)

2x Serial cable ARRI LCub/UDM (7 pin FISCHER) to Cine RT

2x Serial Cable ARRI EXT (connector is a straight 16 pin LEMO)

​2 x Serial Cable ARRI RIA-1/Alexa 35 : 6 pin Lemo (RA) to 4 pin Lemo (ST)

1x Pelicase 1490

1x Safety Box 1060 with separator for Handset, High Bright Display, 2 Bugs Tx, screws box

1 x Silicone Handset Skin - Protective Silicone Skin for the HSU-100 Handset

1x Noga Arm - LC9014

1x Ultrasonic Horn Protector UHP-100 3D Print

1x Package of 3 antennas protections C1,C2,C3

1x Bug transmitter Case (Protection/Fixation) S6

1x CVolution to High Bright display/Handset S4

1x Cvolution to High Bright Display top of the Cvolution S7

1x WCU4 to High Bright Display/Handset. Top/Bottom of the WCU4 S5 1

x WCU4 to High Bright Display. Top of the WCU4 S2

1x WCU4 to High Bright Display. Top of the WCU4 S8

1x PRESTON to Hight Bright Display S3

1x Fixation plate for High Bright Display P1

1x Fixation plate for Handset P2

Cine RT System Package "Loueur"

15 490,00 €Prix
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